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  • Safest LUA Unlocker
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Highly Customizable WoW Bot Ecosystem

  • Fully automate gameplay
  • Farm, Level, & PVP
  • All aspects covered
  • Included LUA Unlocker
  • No extra fees
  • Run unlimited instances

Smart Combat Routines

  • No external profile setup
  • Utilize battle rotations
  • Supports all classes
  • Automate all gameplay
  • Customizable scripts

Anti-Ban Warden Detection

  • Cloaking of addons
  • Custom memory engine
  • Utilizes military grade FUD (Fully undetected) security
  • Ran with virtualization technology at the Windows kernel level
  • Always updated safe releases

Fully Custom Botting Experience

  • Automate WoW gameplay
  • Easy WoW Gold farming
  • Level up Professions
  • Automate Leveling
  • WoW PvP Functionality
  • Shadowlands & TBC Classic Supported

Which WoW Bot is right for me?

Whether you want a pixel grinding automation for a less intrusive botting experience by using Owl Bot or using an advanced memory injection bot with customizable LUA scripts using wowmimic, you will find it easy using our available scripts to automate your WoW Gameplay as you see fit. Farming, Leveling, or PvP. With customizable profile scripts & easy waypoint creation, you can automate as many sessions as you like while it runs in the background just as with our other botting solutions. While more technically advanced it includes a LUA Unlocker built in.

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What is the most convenient wow bot for leveling?

WOWMimic or really WoWMatric Reborn has been underground for quite some time with it’s own private farming profiles designed for maximizing gold farmer’s profits, now translated for our users to use you can find it able to do questing without extra addons required by utilizing the scripts that come with it or making your own to accomplish rotations combat routines. You can power level your group of characters by having them following your primary character to farm instances with the master/slave script that automates all the characters for you.

Grinding, Gathering & BG’s supported for both Classic & Shadowlands.

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What about gold farming in WoW? I want to farm max gold per hour with a bot!

While it’s very common to farm instances whether you’re a rogue doing BRD pick pocket farming or a mage farming BRD with the mage farming scripts, from shadowfang keep to Black rock and even Karazhan and more being added, that range from ZG to some not as common to keep them less saturated and known. As some mage farming profiles are known by many people to be bot, but we can assure our profiles are not saturated and will not get you banned as they are used by some major gold farming shops, because we all know the good farming profiles are not for sale. Well a little digging and now the max gold per hour farming profiles are now available with little risk as well.

For TBC Classic or Shadowlands, we are reviving the accessibility of high premium farming botting for wow at the bargain price.

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What if I want to automate my wow combat rotations?

You can use our wow bots to be as automated for full afk or for hands on help for handling your combat while you are playing and moving your character. This means you can have your auto kick or auto dispel rotations for PvP and really gain the top dps charts in battlegrounds or those arena charts you are wanting to top with very little effort. Now it’s not an unfair advantage if you don’t have full mobility of your hands or are prone to carpal tunnel some people do not have the luxury of being able to not worry about ailments in their wrist or arms, as our rotations have helped some that have physical disabilities regain their ability to play World of Warcraft with combat rotations by using special designed rotations/routines for their class, whether it’s for precise timed combat spells for PvP such as auto kicking or auto silencing, or just to make sure you are auto facing your target at all times never missing an attack

Not all advantages are unfair!

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Can I make my own scripts to quest or use gathering?

With the included profile recorder you can run your own paths to know exactly where you are going to be farming so you are not limited to preset profiles, while it is convenient to make your own profiles some users may find it time consuming or confusing to record their own wow farming profiles or grinding paths, our simple tutorial video will show what’s involved. You can even use the included profiles and edit them as you need using our custom API that allows you to make any profile you are looking to make for gathering, grinding, rotations and so on. You will be surprised by our built in questing framework API that you can test out the included 1-6 questing API as a test to see how easy it is set up your own questing script. We will be releasing our 1-60 mage questing profile as it just needs to be translated and this is used by some farmers to build up their farming characters arsenal to get to level cap by actually questing, not just grinding like other bots which makes this one of a kind. No “LUA Unlocker” addons required, we provide an All in One solution and make sure you’re satisfied by even allowing you to have group chat with the developer team.

WoW Questing Bot? Yes, Please!

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What about Pixel WoW Bots?

With the most advanced Wow pixel bot that includes 1-70 leveling profiles to grind with and resurrection running profiles to go with it as well as the ability to set your vendors for each zone and choose your own class hotkeys so you can have it set the way you like but also being able to be just stand alone rotations automation or also grind areas for you while you are AFK. While it does not run in the background, it does work based off pixel reading via a custom addon. It’s very advanced for a pixel bot and you can try it for free for 3 days no obligation for you, by far the most affordable wow bot to use and with the easiest setup. While it may lack in some features, it is sometimes all you may need as it gets the job done very well, with an interface similar to honorbuddy and the functionality of very quick response cast times and combat routines you cannot go wrong with the Owl Bot, you can check out the Owl Pro or if you don’t need to make your own custom profiles regular Owl Bot for WoW will get the job done for grinding to 1-70 and automating your combat routines for you while playing. While it won’t be able to read the memory of the game to such advanced extents, it definitely earns it spot with the development that has gone into this surpasses any other pixel bots that don’t even hold a candle to it, not to name a few but if you really want the right grinding bot the Owl passes any other less intrusive bots by 10 fold.

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