This unique bot that will automate all WoW-related activities. Now available for Classic and Retail.
Extensive functionality that will allow you to speed up the process of experience or gathering.
Easily create your own profiles or buy one from our community. High level of security thanks to the use of LUA Unlocker.



What is WoWMatric?

A LUA Unlocker that can be used for other wow bots to be ran by converting their LUABox or EWT API as well as also a stand alone bot that users can create their own scripts utilizing the MiniBot Studio creator and repackage them to resell or share as needed. With every variable defined to be automated, and premade scripts available soon we also provide free unlimited usage of combat routines or test out WoWMatric Bot. Get an authentication key instantly when purchasing access.


Programmable Extensions

Though you don’t need to code LUA, but you still can if you wish to customize stuffs not provided by the official vocabulary. The Framework gives you several extension points where you can write your own Lua scripts. Such design still gives you great flexibility of extent that you wish to customize the stuffs.

If you are still not satisfied with the framework extension points, you can even create your own new Lua framework just like what the other unlockers can ONLY do, while it can still be commercially protected by the following feature.


What can WoWMatric do for me?

Automate your WoW Gameplay as you see fit. Farming, Leveling, or PvP. It does it all, and very well. With customizable profile scripts & easy waypoint creation, you can automate as many sessions as you like while it runs in the background. While more technically advanced it includes a LUA Unlocker built in.

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A fortified kernel with revolutionary framework only requires a small amount of donation for subscription. Don’t forget that you only need to subscribe once in one place, and you get everything needed! We only ask for monthly subscriptions at maximum. And if you are only casual users, the trials are also available FOR FREE (limited time for now). Moreover, the dual version support is included in one single subscription so you don’t have to subscribe extra to Retail and Classic versions separately!


Official Lua-based Framework

The existing “WoW unlockers” in the market only provide a bare-metal engine and let 3rd party developers write Lua addons from ground up. Such developers have very little knowledge about how unlockers work under the hood. We believe this is wrong as it leads to high cost of development, lots of fragmentation, unreliability, and most importantly lack of safety. Besides, the end users can easily encounter passing-the-buck issues under this structure.


Use any LUA Protected WOW API

Use of any protected lua addons such as rotations, scripts & much more. Obviously, the framework is based on Navmesh to achieve the most human-like navigation. Besides, it never uses Click-To-Move (the notorious yellow circle on the ground) but simulates every movement action like how 99% users usually play via keyboard.


Baneto Bot addon

Complimentary options
$ 30 Monthly
  • Automate Questing
  • Farming
  • Leveling
  • Battleground, Honor & Conquest Farm

WMB pricing

+Minibot Studio
$ 2 per credit
  • Open the bot and select your duration & session count to see amount of credits required.


Lua unlocker Bot addons

With bots such as Baneto, GMR, Brobot or Orca all adapting to the WMB LUA Unlocker, you can purchase a session of your preferred wow bot on WOWMatric.

What is MiniBot Studio?

Able to automate every aspect of WoW, you can customize profiles as you see fit. Create pathing & be your own project developer. A good grinding bot should start from a clear design of project topology. The goal of the project can be split into grinding mobs and resources in the outer world, then vendoring and replenishment in the town area.

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