WoW Bot Tools

Build your own bot or use a pre-made template to tailor your own WoW botting experience.

  • Gold done for you
  • Leveling done for you
  • PVP done for you
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Highly Customizable WoW Bot

  • Fully automate gameplay
  • Farm, Level, & PVP
  • All aspects covered
  • Built in LUA Unlocker
  • Runs in Background

Smart Combat Routines

  • All classes supported
  • Customizable Combat Rotations
  • Shadowlands & Classic Compatible

Trip Wire Warden Detection

  • Cloaking of addons
  • Custom memory engine
  • Utilizes military grade FUD (Fully undetected) security
  • Ran with virtualization technology at the Windows kernel level
  • Always updated safe releases

Fully Custom Botting Experience

  • Automate WoW gameplay
  • Easy WoW Gold farming
  • Level up Professions
  • Automate Leveling
  • WoW PvP Functionality
  • Shadowlands & Classic Supported

What can WoWMatric Bot do for me?

Automate your WoW Gameplay as you see fit. Farming, Leveling, or PvP. It does it all, and very well. With customizable profile scripts & easy waypoint creation, you can automate as many sessions as you like while it runs in the background. While more technically advanced it includes a LUA Unlocker built in.

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WoWMatric is the most secure & ease of use

With many tutorial videos minibot aka WoWMatric WoW Bot is the most advanced and secure bot out there. With capabilities of utilizing it’s LUA Unlocker to run other bots.
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